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IDTitleLast Updated
KMKB0094HOWTO: Disable deep text services framework integration with applications07 May 2019
KMKB0048You receive a message "Unable to find valid installed product."13 Mar 2017
KMKB0093HOWTO: Switch keyboard and font together in Word 64-bit03 Dec 2016
KMKB0063Associating Keyman Keyboard Layouts for Best Performance12 Aug 2016
KMKB0092ISSUE: Keyman fails to start if the Keyman Update icon is in the system notification area02 Oct 2015
KMKB0091Microsoft Edge Browser compatibility with Keyman Desktop 9.024 Aug 2015
KMKB0085FIX: After downgrading from Keyman Desktop 9 to Keyman Desktop 8, Configuration fails to display24 Aug 2015
KMKB0090BUG: Custom keyboard does not update automatically20 Aug 2015
KMKB0089INFO: Why is the "select keyboard layout for all applications" checkbox in Keyman Configuration disabled in Windows 8 and later versions?20 Aug 2015
KMKB0088Windows language switcher does not always select keyboards correctly19 Aug 2015

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